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  • Giglio - European Contemporary Baths
A furniture collection to outfit any bathroom with a new, elegant look. The collection features soft, simple shapes on the doors and drawers accented by a small, delicately engraved motif on the glass panels. Features of the collection include open wall cabinets with rounded shelves and a wall cabinet with open compartments or cabinets closed by glass or frame doors. Mirror panels and lively cornices add complementary design statements. Careful finishing of the decorative elements, combined with an ivory or white matte lacquer creates an elegant statement for any bath.

Giglio - European Contemporary Baths
Giglio collection will certainly outfit any bathroom with a unique look, as it is the most stylish one among contemporary European Baths in Boston. This set (European bath cabinet together with the bathroom vanity) features exquisite shapes on the doors, additional charm appears thanks to fine accents on drawers and delicate engravings on the glass panels. Style line is continued by mirror panels. The most refined taste is sure to be satisfied by an ivory or white matte lacquer elegant surface. Our bath designers didn't forget about functionality, which is leading in other Contemporary European Baths in Boston but equal to good look in Giglio. Features of this collection of contemporary European bathroom cabinets are best suiting for bath remodeling. They include open wall cabinets with rounded shelves, which help to save space and are not found in any other contemporary European Bath in Boston; and a wall cabinet with open compartments. A bathroom vanity is in keeping with the cabinets. The variety of contemporary European Baths in Boston can confuse you, but even if you address any Boston baths designer, he will suggest you choosing this European bath cabinet. An accurate finishing of the decorative elements works for any idea of bath design or bath remodeling. Besides, this contemporary European bathroom cabinet meets all the requirements of the time (in the sphere of bath design) that makes it a first-rate European Bathroom in Boston.

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