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Kitchen with post-formed laminate door. Available in laminate post formed on vertical edges in 13 colors including four wood finishes. Glass doors are made in satin finish aluminum frame with satin finish glass. Matching chair and stool.

Nova Italian Kitchens
We would like to propose you one of various kitchen cabinet models available in our store; it is Italian kitchen in Boston - Nova. Nova is available with post-formed kitchen doors which are laminated. If you want to order this kitchen model, you may come to our store or order Nova via telephone. You can also order this kitchen model with glass doors, in this case doors are made of satin finish aluminum frame. Such kitchen can be made in 13 different colors and you can choose any you like most of all. Our kitchen designer Boston is engaged not only in selling various kitchens but also in kitchen remodeling. This service is very useful for those who want to change their kitchen cabinets in Boston or create kitchen cabinets like Italian style kitchens available in Boston. Kitchen remodeling helps to make kitchen convenient and beautiful at the same time. Our kitchen designers in Boston are always available to answer all of your questions about our furniture, our work and services. You are welcome to our showrooms. See all kitchen cabinets in Boston we propose on your own and make sure it is really worth attention. Making your kitchens satisfy your taste and be suitable for you is our aim, that is why you may be sure we are interested in good result of our work. You are welcome!

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