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Kitchen with post-formed laminate door. Available in laminate post formed on vertical edges in 13 colors including four wood finishes. Glass doors are made in satin finish aluminum frame with satin finish glass. Matching chair and stool.

Nova Kitchen from Italy
Among the huge number of kitchen cabinets in Boston furniture store kitchen from Italy Nova is one of the most popular ones. Our kitchen designers in Boston's firm is engaged in selling different kitchen cabinets in Boston and kitchen remodeling. You are always able to come to our store, walk through our showrooms and see the whole assortment of kitchen cabinets we propose to our customers. You can also call us to get all needed information about our company, about our services we offer including kitchen remodeling, about materials we use, models we propose, prices for our Italian kitchens in Boston. Our professional kitchen designers in Boston provide our clients with good service and furniture of a very high quality and contemporary styles. If you are searching for good furniture for your kitchen Italian kitchens in Boston furniture store is the best choice. That is always better to consult with professionals while making decisions about the design of your house and in choosing furniture. Our kitchen designers in Boston propose customers the new kitchen model called Nova. It is available with laminated wooden doors as well as with glass doors. You can choose one of 13 various colors available for this kitchen model. You are always welcome to our store to see latest models of kitchen cabinets available in Boston.

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